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Moroccans Pay Homage To Slain Scandinavian Hikers



Moroccans Pay Homage To Slain Scandinavian Hikers

Crowds of Moroccans gathered on Saturday to mourn two Scandinavian hikers brutally murdered by suspected jihadists in the High Atlas mountains.

Hundreds of people paid tribute to Danish student Louisa Vesterager Jespersen, 24, and 28-year-old Norwegian Maren Ueland outside the embassies of their homelands in the capital Rabat.

Signs laid out or put by those gathered read “RIP Maren and Louisa”, “Terrorism has no religion or nationality” and “Sorry”.

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A minute of silence was held in the presence of diplomats from Denmark and Norway.

In the southern village of Imlil, near where the bodies of the two hikers were found, hundreds of people paid their respects, while dozens more laid flowers and lit candles in tourist hub city Marrakesh.

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The grisly killings have shaken Morocco, where tourism is a cornerstone of the economy.

The bodies of the two women were found Monday after they had pitched their tent at an isolated mountain site around two hours’ walk from Imlil.

One of them was beheaded, according to a source close to the investigation.

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Thirteen people have been detained across the country in connection with the killings, which the authorities have classified as a “terrorist act”.

The Danish and Norwegian ambassadors to Morocco have thanked the public and authorities in the country for their support and messages of condolence.


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France Policies In Africa Is Creating Poverty - Italy's Deputy PM

Italy`s Deputy Prime Minister Luigi Di Maio has reiterated on Monday that France’s policies in Africa were creating poverty and causing migration.  France had summoned the Italian ambassador to Paris to protest his assertions.

Di Maio told reporters, that France is one of those countries that by printing money for 14 African states, prevents their economic development and contributes to the fact that the refugees, leave and then die in the sea or arrive on western coasts.

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Di Maio was referring to the CFA Franc, a currency used in 14 west and central African nations, which is tied to the euro at a fixed exchange rate, with the peg guaranteed by France.

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He called on the European Union to “address the question of the decolonisation of Africa, accusing France of still treating a number of African countries as vassal states.

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S.African President Calls For Lifting Of Sanctions On Zimbabwe

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa has called for sanctions against Zimbabwe to be lifted. He said on Tuesday, his government was in discussions with Harare about how best to help.

He added that, Zimbabwe’s situation was a challenge for the whole of Africa and he planned to meet Zimbabwe president- Emmerson Mnangagwa.

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Meanwhile Mnangagwa has promised on Tuesday to investigate violence against civilians during protests and punish any misconduct by security forces.

The Zimbabwe Human Rights Commission (ZHRC) said on Tuesday security forces instigated systematic torture of residents. It says, the level of force used on those who died or injured and supported by medical reports pointed to police brutality.

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Police say three people died during violent demonstrations last week, but human rights groups say at least a dozen were killed.

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Uganda: Musicians Must Register And Obtain Licence Before They Release Songs - Govt

Uganda’s government is proposing regulations for new songs. Junior Minister for Gender, Labour And Social Development, Peace Mutuuzo, said in an interview that the new regulations to govern the music and entertainment industry were already drafted and expected to be passed by cabinet by March. Adding that musicians and other artists will also have to register with the government and obtain a practising licence which can be revoked for a range of violations.

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A list of restrictions including requiring artists to submit to authorities, lyrics for songs and scripts for film and stage performances to be vetted. The minister said, content deemed to contain offensive language, to be lewd or plagiarised, will be censured. Musicians will also have to seek government permission to perform outside Uganda.

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Critics say the regulation is aimed at discouraging negative comments about the authorities who are rattled by the popularity of pop Star Bobi Wine and other critical voices in the entertainment industry.

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